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YOGAFRÜHLING May, 24th to June, 2nd 2024

Discover the harmony of body and nature at the Yogafrühling in Bad Gastein!

Restart. Immerse yourself in the mountain spring of the Gastein Valley. Experience an energy boost under the motto "BREATHE THE MOUNTAINS." With 250 yoga sessions, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, and a variety of yoga styles. Take 10 days to recharge and rejuvenate.

From gentle stretches to meditative flows, our diverse yoga offerings adapt to your level. Use this time to revitalise your body and mind and absorb the tranquil energy of nature.

Accompanied by experienced teachers and surrounded by a community of like-minded souls, the yoga autumn in Bad Gastein offers the perfect opportunity to pause, breathe and be in harmony with nature.

Book your yoga autumn experience now and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, mindfulness and personal renewal.

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