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Literature at The Comodo

Literature at The Comodo with Eva Sichelschmidt on October, 21st 2023

Eva Sichelschmidt grew up on the green edge of the Ruhr. In 1989 she moved to Berlin, where she worked as a costume designer for film and opera and first opened a bespoke eveningwear studio, then the shop "Whisky & Cigars". Her first novel, "Die Ruhe weg", was published in 2017. Her second, "Bis wieder einer weint", was nominated for the German Book Prize, among others. In 2022 she was invited to the Bachmann Competition. Eva Sichelschmidt lives in Rome and Berlin.

Eva Sichelschmidt reads from her new novel


A story from the last days of West Berlin

A story of escape: a girl wants to grow up, she wants fun. In the gloomy, long since motherless parental home on the outskirts of the Ruhr area, this is certainly not to be found. But in this winter of 1988, siren sounds resound from a glittering island in the grey, real-socialist sea: West Berlin.

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